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NEWS Question 10 May 2012 + Tegoshi's WU drawing of Ohno Satoshi

Lười quá đi...với lại đọc tiếng Anh cũng đủ hiểu mà nhỉ ? ^^Source:
NEWS Question 10 May 2012 + Tegoshi's WU drawing of Ohno Satoshi  

1. Is it obvious when you’re telling a lie? 
Koyama: Yes, my eyes water.
Massu: I don’t tell lies.
Shige: It is.
Tegoshi: You can tell from my face.

2. Would you want your girlfriend to adapt to you? Or no?
Koyama: I want it to be neutral. But in the end, I want her to adapt to me.
Massu: I can’t say.
Shige: Going with the flow of things…maybe (If the flow changes, I don’t mind how it goes I thnk).
Tegoshi: I think I want her to adapt to me.

3.OO over Flowers. What do you think?*
Koyama: Interior Shop (It’s currently in right?).
Massu: Manjuu. No wait, let’s go with gyoza.
Shige: Fishing!
Tegoshi: Soccer!

4. What do you end up buying on impulse at the convenience store?
Koyama: Masks.
Massu: Water (Small ones and big ones).
Shige: Carbonated drinks. Zero calories!
Tegoshi: Canned coffee (by the way, it’s black).

5. Do you have matching items with your friends?
Koyama: Ah, Massu and I have matching phone cases (Massu got it first and I just copied him (lol).
Massu: Things like T-shirts (It was just by coincidence).
Shige: I have none. But by coincidence we might have matching items.
Tegoshi: I have none! (Ah, my friend and I have matching phone cases).

6. Short pants or miniskirts, which do you like?
Koyama: Mini skirts.
Massu: Short pants.
Shige: I like both (if it suits them!).
Tegoshi: (Um~ (troubled)) I like both!

7. What do you want to learn now?
Koyama: I want to go to an announcer’s school (Making the best of my caster job!).
Massu: Something music related I guess. In whole!
Shige: Kendo.
Tegoshi: Penmanship (I think those people who write like sa-sa-sa are cool).

8. NEWS is going flower viewing! Where would you go to? 
Koyama: Touhoku! ( I want to see the sakura there).
Massu: Okayama (Because the sakura there are famous).
Shige: (What place is famous for flower viewing?) Yoyogi Park.
Tegoshi: At a shrine maybe.

9.The girl you love is suddenly moving away! A word at her farewell event! 
Koyama: Today and tomorrow, I love you (is that a bit heavy?).
Massu: I’ll send you rice!
Shige: I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU!!! (screaming).
Tegoshi: Don’t go (with a sweet face).

10.Please draw God.
Shige: (I am God)Tegoshi:

Tegoshi drew Ohno Satoshi from Arashi this issue, but there's no comment from Ohno XD

Tegoshi: I would have given this 98 points by the time I drew the right hand. The way I drew the right hand….the hand is the issue. I’ve seen the problem with my drawing. That would be about a minus 15 so the final mark is 83 points!


*This is taken from the saying “hana yori dango” or “dumplings over flowers” (also think of the drama HYD XD) where in the end, the more practical thing is more important that the aesthetic things.

♪ awww I like it how they all admit it's obvious when they lie XD Well sans Massu who says he doesn't lie :D
♪ Shige and Kendo? I APPROVE XD
♪ Question 9 is awesome. OH MASSU and his food! Koyama's one is sweet~ Shige;s sounds...very Shige-like, same with Tegoshi's ahaha
♪ Shige's God drawing is reminiscent of Live!x3...XD

I hope you all enjoyed that :D


Ishii Manami said...

Trời ạ ! Riida Ohno thành vậy dưới tay của Picasso.

teenwitch said...

98/100 điểm đó bà, "vậy" là ý j ? =_=
Ai sẽ là nạn nhân tiếp theo của danh họa Tegoshi đây ta?

Tego dù sao cũng vẽ đc điệu bộ kute của Riida đó còn j nữa =))